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    Good weather - Safety
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    Good Tax -  Prices - Satisfaction
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    A frendly country awaits you
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Do you intend to invest in Portugal? Know how

Now is the rigth time to buy due to low prices and a great potential for one future appreciation.... see more

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You look for a holiday home or to live in Portugal?

We help you at the request of your dreams property... see more

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Benefits of the real estate or investment in enterprises

Buildings with market prices very interesting with a large potential for growth in the short and ...... see more

Together will find the best solution for your envestment in Portugal

After 19 years in the Real Estate (14 to Remax Metro - Lisbon), Vitor Aurélio want to add value to the foreign investors by Real Fénix (RF) in the construction or rehabilitation of houses, buildings, apartments, shops, offices, hotels, industry .... To better realize the dream of those who want to live or invest in Portugal.

5 reasons to live and/or invest in Portugal

Nice weather
Did you know that the number of hours of sunshine in Portugal reached 3 300 per year, one of the most important in Europe?
Portugal is one of the country most peaceful on the 17th in the world, between 143 analyzed.
Good tax
Major tax avantajes for foreigners who reside in Portugal.
On average, the prices of the real estate in Portugal are many lower than those in the major european cities.
Satisfaction- Quality of Life
More than 80 % of the tourists who visit Portugal are very satisfied and revent return.

Latest News

  • Real Fenix present in  Paris

    RF will be present in the lounge of the Real Estate and Tourism of Portugal in Paris on 12 to 14 May, at the Porte de ...

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